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Dr. Michael Binder

Dr. Michael Binder, D.C.


Dr. Michael Binder’s interest in the field of natural health and wellness originated early in life, due to a football injury he suffered in high school. The care he received and his overall recovery peaked his interest in chiropractic care.

Dr. Binder attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and earned his doctorate in chiropractic. In 1993, upon graduating, he opened Binder Chiropractic Center in Salisbury, NC, to provide treatment to individuals with chronic illnesses, various pain conditions, as well as automotive and sport related injuries.

Functional medicine became his passion after realizing that a vast number of people were underserved and under-equipped to restore their health under traditional medical care models. Dr. Binder has completed hundreds of hours of extensive training in functional endocrinology, with a special emphasis on the management of chronic metabolic disorders. In addition to his training in functional medicine, he also specializes in the treatment of functional neurology and chronic pain conditions and clinical nutrition and wellness.

His ultimate goal is not only to provide tools, but also to educate his patients about how to make decisions in their everyday lives that promote healing and long-term health. The clinical model at Binder Integrated Health Center is focused on using the most current research and published literature in all aspects of functional medicine from around the world.