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Are you suffering from hypothyroidism? Do you think you have hypothyroidism but a proper diagnosis eludes you? If this sounds like you, you’ve probably been told one of the following by your healthcare provider…

  • Your disease has no cure, you’ll have to control your symptoms with the use of a lifelong regimen of hormone replacement therapy.

  • Your labs are normal – you’re perfect health.

The problem is, you’re still battling symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Your doctor says, “Everything looks normal.”

You don’t understand how these results are possible.

You feel hopeless.

You feel miserable.

You ask yourself…

“Am I ever going to feel normal again?”

You either can’t seem to get a validating diagnosis or you’re being treated for your conditions, but you continue to experience persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism. Nothing seems to alleviate symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty in losing weight regardless of your diet modifications and exercise routines.

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Hair Loss

  • Constipation

  • Infertility

You’re probably feeling like something has been overlooked – and you’re probably right.

Incomprehensive and inconclusive testing administered by mainstream healthcare practitioners is often the result of inadequate or missed diagnosis.

Mainstream healthcare capitalizes on a generalized approach to hypothyroid management.

You wait in the waiting room until you’re hurried into the exam room – where you wait some more. The doctor spends a disappointing ten minutes with you and barely listens, before proceeding to escort you right out of the office. Meanwhile, you just accumulated a HUGE bill and you’re still no closer to resolution than you were before you made the appointment.

You’re not receiving thorough treatment. You’re not prioritized or given the thorough care and attention you’re paying for and are entitled to.

You start to doubt yourself.
“The doctor is the expert, maybe they’re right. Is this just my “normal?”

Subpar health is NOT your normal.

Suboptimal care and inadequate diagnosis is often primarily responsible for the prolonged suffering that so many experience.

Did you know?

  • There are over 20 possible causes of thyroid dysfunction and persistent low thyroid symptoms.

  • 90% of patients are either incompletely or inaccurately diagnosed.

Our clinical model is designed to identify the root causes of your unwavering hypothyroid symptoms. We can customize a unique care plan especially for you based on our assessment of why your condition developed.

It’s time for…

Real Answers.

Deliberate Actions.

Lasting Results.

Don’t remain a victim of the flaws of traditional health care any longer.


Call our office at (704)-642-1415 today to see if you qualify for a FREE consultation.

We will listen to your experience.
We will take your concerns seriously.
We’ll work together to find the answers you’ve been searching for.

We’ve worked with countless patients to arrive at an accurate and complete diagnosis so we can create a specific treatment regimen to re-establish your normal thyroid function.

There is hope.

And soon you’ll find yourself:

  • Losing the excess weight you’ve struggled to part with for so long.

  • Benefiting from more stabilized moods.

  • More active thanks to a renewed energy.

  • Enjoying your life again!

The success of our patients is proof in the program.

““What makes Binder Integrated Health Center different is that the treatment program I receive is specially tailored for ME. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine. I am making progress in increasing my thyroid function and balancing my hormones. This has had a great effect on my improved memory and recall. Overall, I have an improved sense of well-being and overall health. Thank you Dr. Binder!”

– Tricia