Type 2 Diabetes

Break Free From Your Diagnosis

The time has come to discover an innovative and clinically validated, breakthrough approach that has helped thousands of patients suffering from type II diabetes REVERSE THEIR CONDITION – start living the happy, healthy life you desire today!

Wouldn’t it be so liberating if you could stop:

  • Struggling with blood glucose levels that fluctuate endlessly.

  • Relying on costly prescription drugs and harmful insulin injections to side-step sugar spikes and crashes.

  • Fighting exhaustion in order to spend time with your friends and family.

  • Living with a dark cloud looming over your head that perpetuates anxiety.

  • Constantly worrying about the potential complications that type II diabetes could bring.

It’s time to free yourself from your disease.

Educating yourself is the first step to freedom from type II diabetes. There couldn’t possibly be more options for treating diabetes beyond heaps of pharmaceuticals…right?


It’s possible.

In fact, more and more type II diabetics are refusing the one-size-fits-all, played out health care model – and demanding MORE from their health care professionals.

If you’ve ever seen a doctor for your type II diabetes, we’d bet you may have heard:

“It’s genetic – there is nothing we can do to prevent this; it is simply hereditary.”

“Now that you have diabetes the best you can do is manage symptoms by changing your lifestyle and taking medications and insulin shots.”

“There is no way to reverse diabetes.”

You need to know that there is valuable information at your fingertips that hold the key to your freedom from type II diabetes. Discover what it is pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know. This innovative and clinical approach can help you reverse your condition and break free from your preconceived notions of life burdened with this disease.

You don’t have to be obligated to expensive, ineffective treatment, counterproductive insulin therapy, and painful needles for life.

The traditional method of managing diabetes targeting only the symptoms, is ineffective, and very risky – not to mention painful and inconvenient.

Prescriptions and insulin therapy chip away at your health over time and introduce a slew of unwanted side effects.

Your Insulin “Therapy” May Actually Be ANTAGONIZING Your Condition

Health care professionals often robotically prescribe insulin “therapy,” to type II diabetics, dismissing the CRITICAL NEED to determine the disease’s CAUSATIVE FACTORS first.

This ill-advised treatment plan is DETRIMENTAL – oftentimes it’s not a matter of your body not producing enough insulin. It’s actually that your body lacks the ability to properly utilize the insulin it is producing to process sugar effectively.  

Introducing MORE insulin to your body when it isn’t the underlying problem and calling it “therapy,” can pose long-term health RISKS and should really be called an anti-therapy.

Consider your health; reconsider insulin therapy.

Insulin, at high levels, can:

  • shorten life expectancy.

  • increase body weight.

  • cause insulin resistance to worsen.

  • cause high blood pressure.

  • lead to heart disease.

  • increase your risk for developing certain forms of cancer.

These treatments carry the potential for serious side effects – even death.

Let go of your fear.
Embrace hope for reversal.

There is a more effective and safer method for managing, and reversing your diabetes.

Destroy limiting beliefs that genetics, weight, or fitness level are the culprits of your disease.

Our groundbreaking approach to total healing focuses on gifting patients with better health over time, as opposed to managing a downward spiral of inevitable side-effects.

Think for a moment how freeing it would be to:

  • Reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription drug and insulin therapies – and save thousands of dollars on testing supplies.

  • Restore the normal functions of your body that you experience before diabetes.

  • Feel more alive and full of energy – without drugs or chemicals.

  • Reverse your risk for amputation, organ failure, heart disease, and premature death

  • Shed body fat – without exercise!

  • Stop letting diabetes consume your thoughts when you should be enjoying your life!

You’ll receive customized, comprehensive testing – beyond the basic lab tests conducted by doctors who practice traditional medicine.

With these results, we will create a personal, tailored care plan – specifically for you and YOUR CAUSATIVE FACTORS.

You have one life.
You deserve quality care.


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Take back your life by reversing your diagnosis. Transformation awaits.

Schedule a FREE diabetes assessment at our office and see how we can help you embark on YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY towards renewed health.

Patients who have already reclaimed their vitality agree:

“I was diagnosed with type II diabetes in 2008 with an A1C of 7.9 and my glucose levels were consistently in the 180-200 range, even while taking the prescription drugs Metformin and Glipizide. After qualifying for the Diabetes Reversal Program at Binder Integrated Health Center and completing the necessary testing, Dr. Binder found the cause of my body’s inability to manage my blood sugar. He customized a treatment plan specific to my condition and within 5 months of treatment, my A1C was down to 5.6 and my glucose levels significantly decreased with readings in the 90’s. I am now off ALL medications and I have managed to lose 20 pounds without dieting. My energy level has increased and is back to normal. I feel like my life is back to normal and I feel great! Thanks, Dr. B!”

– Clinton